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Science in your city: Liberty Science Center in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ

Science as a topic comes in many flavors – sure, there is the science pursued by someone sitting alone in an office with a pencil and piece of paper, but there is also the science of everyday objects and technology that surround us, a science that you can touch, hear, see, and smell.


At the Liberty Science Center ( (LSC), you can discover and experience the many facets of science. LSC exhibits show you things that you might already be familiar with but from a completely new perspective. One of their most popular exhibits, “Grossology,” introduces you to the science of your own body – an entire universe of gross things filled with giant runny noses and a 30-foot long model of the digestive system that you can crawl through! The “Art of Science” exhibit also brings a new light to the world of science by displaying artistic photographs of science in its many forms, demonstrating just how beautiful science can be, especially when you stumble upon its beauty by pure accident.  The image below is one fascinating example from the collection and visualizes geomagnetic field reversal.

Sometimes, the experience isn’t so much about seeing something in a new light but rather, not seeing anything at all. The Touch Tunnel exhibition is a completely pitch-black maze that you navigate your way through using only your sense of touch. And, the Wildlife Challenge is a sensory experience based on using all of your senses together, giving you a taste of what it’s like relying on the things animals use to go about their daily lives.

lsc3Besides learning about the science of living organisms, the LSC has many exhibits teaching visitors about skyscrapers, energy, and technology. You even have the opportunity to practice surgery using robotic instruments and to actually create power at home.

The Liberty Science Center is a place designed to show people of all ages that science is all around us all the time, even if we don’t realize its presence or its importance in understanding the way the world works. Next time you make a trip into New York or New Jersey, be sure to check out the fantastic exhibitions and experiences at this museum on the banks of the Hudson River.

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