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Understanding the world around us – from galaxies to single cells – and a desire to deepen that knowledge and change the world drives the pursuit of scientific research. For the scientist, our families, friends, neighbors, and communities often have little understanding of what we do, why it is important to them (as opposed to us), or why their tax dollars should go towards our research. And, there are few (if any) approachable outlets that convey the answers to these critical questions. The ultimate responsibility to build this outlet and communicate the beauty and importance of what scientists do lies with scientists.

That’s the motivation behind Why-Sci, we want to give the scientist an outlet to explain research to the non-scientist and provide the non-scientist with a forum to learn about ongoing research.

There’s no other online portal for communicating all branches of science clearly and succinctly and connecting non-scientists with scientists. Our goal is, like scientific research, to take an idea – grow it, build it, and let it develop. The rest is up to you.




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